The Ultimate Guide To Permanent Cosmetics

When you come for treatment with us for Permanent Makeup, here’s what you can expect…

The first appointment will last about 2 hours, but this will be followed by some time for paperwork, such as completing all relevant documents. Shortly thereafter, together we`ll look at the color choices we have, and then you can decide what colors we should use for your treatment. This happens while we test this out on your skin, and works best on your skin tone and your liking. 

Many components of the appointment can be tailored to your desires and needs; request clarifications on anything you don’t understand. Next, we will draw on a design so we can decide on you the shape and its placement, this will give you a fair idea so you can approve on how it will actually look on you.

It Can Help You Be Less Self-Conscious

Permanent makeup can fix cosmetic flaws. Aside from eyebrow microblading and micro shading (which is a great option for everyone who simply can’t have the desired eyebrows or has gone through chemotherapy), there is the option of lip makeup to correct issues with lips, like scarring or cleft lips.

Permanent makeup will help you feel comfortable and confident when accepting the features on your body that you’ve been self-conscious about. This is proof that permanent makeup’s there to do more than just make you pretty.

The process:

We use an interactive design to come up with a plan and ask you for your approval every step of the way. If you want to improve the shape of your eyebrows, we can form the specific shape in order to assure you that the adjustments will be what you’re expecting. We also never shave off natural hair while working on the brows, lip liner designs are drawn on your approved design, and tattooing is performed after any design change is agreed upon.

If it’s an eyeliner you’re having we draw on the top, and the bottom, or both for you to see and approve before we go ahead, and for lips, we can create, for example, a more defined cupid’s bow or a slightly fuller shape. You approve all designs before they are tattooed.  We then carry out your treatment.

With us, appointments are never done back-to-back to ensure quality. Your treatments are not rushed in any way, and we respect your face by taking time and going through aftercare thoroughly. You won’t look bruised, swollen, or have redness in any part of your face after treatment; instead, you will look GORGEOUS! No need to worry about bruising or swelling that may affect dressing up for a day out is necessary. Just avoid workouts or strenuous exercises right after.

Depending on your age and health the appointments are carried out usually in 2 sessions set 4-6 weeks apart. You will have two appointments for your tattoo, 4-6 weeks apart. During the first session, it is important to be careful with applying a light color so you can see how your body responds. There are two sessions included in the price because the first appointment lays down the foundation while the second perfect what has already been applied after seeing how your body reacts.

Our Esthetician in total will spend about 4-6 hours and that will be mostly without the consultation. After treatment, you will require color boosts to maintain your eyebrows/eyeliner on a 12-24 month basis. Our prices are only available for new clients, and not for refreshing or topping up pre-existing permanent makeup treatments that we didn’t complete so call us to discuss if your first treatment was done by us.

Get in Touch for Permanent Makeup

The most important tip for a successful treatment is finding a licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist. A good artist can either make or break your overall look, so it’s important not to only think about saving money. Just because different salons and artists charge different prices, higher prices are often justified when it comes to something that will be permanent on your face. It’s important to research beforehand and check the artist’s before and after photographs to gauge their professional standards.

Semi-permanent or Permanent makeup offers many benefits such as boosting confidence. People who wear semi-permanent or Permanent makeup feel better about themselves and can be more content with their current appearance.

Permanent makeup can completely change your life. 

If you have any questions or reservations, please feel free to contact us. If you’re excited about starting the process, why not just schedule a consultation?

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