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Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center


Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center


Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center


Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center

Beauty Marks

Microblading is the art of enhancing one’s own natural features by implanting pigment just below the surface of the skin.  Beautiful women have enlisted this ancient art of permanently applying cosmetics for 4,000 years.  The modern term for placing color in the skin is micropigmentation.

Microblading is a cosmetic technique that help you recreate your favorite makeup looks in a semipermanent manner, employing tattoos to the dermis. Chances are, you’ve already heard of microblading. Thanks to an exponentially exploding interest in brows over the past few years, the eyebrow-tattooing technique has gone mainstream. But brows are just the beginning. You can also get just-bitten pink lips, sharp-lined eyes, or even faux freckles.

Enhance your natural beauty; wake up with your liner, brows, or lips already perfectly done each day.  

In addition to beauty solutions, permanent cosmetics can also be used to disguise scars, irregularities, and hypopigmentation in the skin. Breast cancer patients have enhanced their breast’s areola after having undergone breast surgery or mastectomy.

Blush Beauty Center specializes in Microblading, featuring:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips
  • Beauty Marks
  • 3D Areola Tatooing & Nipple Tattooing
  • Scar Camouflage
  • Scalp Pigmentation
  • Color Correction
Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center

3D Areola Tattooimg
& Nipple Tattooing

Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center

Scar Camouflage

Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center

Scalp Pigmentation

Microblading Permanent Cosmetics Blush Beauty Center

Color Correction

Microblading is a tattooing technique and form of permanent cosmetics in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Microblading is different than standard eyebrow tattooing, as individual hairstrokes are created by hand using a blade, which results in fine slices in the skin. Microblading is typically used on eyebrows to create, enhance, or reshape their appearance in terms of color, shape, and density. Microblading deposits pigment into the upper region of the dermis, so it can fade more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposit pigment deeper into the skin. Microblading is also sometimes called embroidery, feather touch, microstroking, 3D eyebrow embroidery, or hair-like strokes.

Blush Beauty Center specializes in Permanent Costmetics Eyebrows. Microneedling Eyebrows offer these benefits:

  • Saves Time on a Morning Makeup Routine
  • Ensures a Better Match for Hair Color and Skin Ton
  • Helps Enhance Face Shape
  • Gives you a more natural look
  • Provides a Pain-Free Brow-Shaping Alternative
  • Allows the Perks of Using Less Makeup, even carrying around less makeup when you travel
  • Corrects tweeze-happy mistakes
  • Darkens the natural lash or brow, especially effective for those who have sun exposure

Blush Beauty Center Microblading Professionals begin each appointment by discussing our client’s desired look and needs before measuring and sketching out the placement of the eyebrows. Measuring brow placement is a multi-step process that begins by determining the center of the face and the set of the client’s eyes. The starting point, arch, and ending point are determined by the spacing of the eyes, such as close-set or wide-set. We carefully consider brow width, appropriate thickness, and arch height, to give each client a look they will love. Manual smooth shading (microshading) can also be added to go over and between the hair strokes to visually give the dimension of natural eyebrow thickness without any sharp contours on the eyebrows.

    Blush Beauty Center provides Permanent Cosmetics for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Beauty Marks, 3D Areola Tattooing & Nipple Tattooing, Scar Camouflage, Scalp Pigmentation, and Color Correction to clientele in Southwest Florida including: Belleair, Boca Raton, Bradenton, Clearwater, Fishhawk Ranch, Fort Lauderdale, Indian Rocks Beach, Hollywood, Lakewood Ranch, Largo, Longboat Key, Madeira Beach, Marco Island, Miami, Naples, New Tampa, Orlando, Osprey, Reddington Beach, Safety Harbor, Sarasota, Seminole, Siesta Key, South Tampa, St. Pete, St. Pete Beach, Tampa, Tierra Verde, Treasure Island, and Venice.


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