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I was born and raised in a small town in downriver Michigan called Wyandotte. I basically grew up in the beauty industry. My mother, grandmother, and aunt had salons and spas in Michigan. I went to a full cosmetology program at Tri-State Beauty College for hair, nails, and skin, and graduated in 1997. Not long after graduation, I purchased my first salon and spa. I was on my way to be an entrepreneur at such an early age. I can remember as a young girl watching my mom doing hair and make up and being so intrigued. So much that as a teenager, I started immediately working at my moms hair salon, waxing eyebrows and doing bridal make up. I absolutely love making people look and feel beautiful. I always say “maintain your beauty to build your confidence”. 

My mom was quite the entrepreneur. My mother also owned a tattoo shop just down the street from her hair salon. I can still remember working at the counter sometimes after school as receptionist. This one day in particular my life changed forever. I will never forget the day that a woman came in and asked if we would tattoo her eyebrows on because she had lost all of her hair from the treatment that she was receiving due to the cancer she was diagnosed with. At the time, tattooed cosmetics were basically unheard of. I left that day feeling inspired and thinking, “This beautiful woman is so sad and lost her confidence. I am sure so many women are going through this.” That very day I begged one of my mom’s staff members to give me an old tattoo gun, and I began tattooing eyebrows on oranges in my spare time. I used to bring my oranges home from school lunch and tattoo eyebrows on them. Now, every time I put on a beautiful set of eyebrows, I think of that woman and how she inspired me.

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