Do you intend to fill your hairline with scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)? It might be time to try SMP if you’re sick of messy foams and short-term hair loss remedies that leave you feeling insecure. We will inform you in advance and provide you with all the required information before scheduling your initial consultation visit.

Considerations to make before getting SMP

1.   Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent hair loss treatment

It is regarded as a permanent hair loss treatment. There are no monthly maintenance appointments to keep or daily lotions to use.

2. How painful is scalp micropigmentation?

Most clients claim that SMP is not painful but can occasionally be uncomfortable. It hurts a lot less than a conventional tattoo. The pigment is applied with a very tiny, delicate needle. After the therapy is over, there is no lingering pain or discomfort. The average length of each session is two to four hours. When you need a break, our Blush Beauty artist will give you one.

3. A scalp tattoo is not a “tattoo”

The various terminologies used to describe scalp micro pigmentation can be confusing. It isn’t a legitimate tattoo, despite being referred to as a “scalp tattoo” or a “hairline tattoo” occasionally. SMP is categorized as a form of permanent cosmetics, and the pigment used in the procedure is cosmetic. The pigments employed by our professionals don’t include any additional colorants or additives, so they won’t fade with time, even though they might become lighter. Artists apply SMP pigment without the use of a conventional tattoo machine. Instead, they make use of a device made especially for scalp micropigmentation. The needle is significantly smaller than a conventional tattoo needle and only uses one microdot of pigment to apply the tattoo at the proper depth.

4. This method is completely effective

Scalp micropigmentation, in contrast to other hair loss treatments, is universally successful and works for everyone. This is a tremendous relief because only 5–10% of people who use topical treatments or pills/foams daily have success. Anyone dealing with hair loss can use this cosmetic procedure to give themselves the appearance of a short buzz cut.

5. You can choose your hairline

It’s common to worry about your appearance once your SMP treatments are over.To better understand what to expect, look at our scalp micropigmentation before and after pictures. Your doctor will review your hairline options during a consultation, and even computer simulations of your appearance in various styles are possible with him. You can decide to replicate your naturally unattractive hairline or pick a straighter, more contemporary look. You and your artist can discuss modifications and issues during the initial session, and you can modify the style as you go. The final hairline should take shape after the second or third session.

6. Before your session, avoid alcohol and blood thinners

Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like aspirin, are categorized as blood thinners and alcohol. Additionally, your technician might advise against consuming coffee, tea, or energy drinks before your session because these substances can potentially thin the blood.

7. You can increase your hair growth

The goal of scalp micropigmentation is to mimic the appearance of a cleanly shaven head. Regular shaving of your natural hair is necessary to maintain the style. But if for some reason, you’d instead let your natural hair grow out once again, you can. SMP has no impact at all on hair growth. To give the appearance of more hair when none exists, pigment is applied around—not inside—the hair follicles already there.

8.Scalp micropigmentation is inexpensive

Depending on the procedure, the total cost of scalp micro pigmentation typically starts at $2.8k. It is affordable compared to the price of hair replacement surgery or a lifetime of wigs, lotions, and foams.

 Is SMP worth it?

Yes, “it is definitely worth the effort”, is the common response. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of expensive, messy procedures or invasive surgery, scalp micro pigmentation may be the solution you’ve been looking for. You’ll be in the lead if you contact our professionals at Blush Beauty Center right now for your complimentary consultation.