6 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Consider

Having good skin and looking your best has never been easy. It can be difficult to find an easy routine with the onslaught of anti-aging treatments, hair products, and fashion trends. It’s no wonder so many people are turning to cosmetic procedures for a little help.


Cosmetic procedures can help with wrinkles and sagging skin to thin lips and deep lines around the mouth. Facial procedures are the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. They can have a huge impact on peoples’ lives, making them feel more confident and youthful. Cosmetic procedures come with risks and benefits, so it’s important to keep a clear head about what you want or need out of them. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures you may want to consider.

1. Microneedling


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin and create small breaks in the epidermal layer of the skin. It stimulates collagen formation, which is responsible for firmness and elasticity. This helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars. It also helps firm up sagging skin and get rid of stretch marks.

2. LightStim


The LightStim is a clinical light therapy device that increases collagen production, reduces the appearance of scars, and even out skin tone. It uses LED lights that penetrate deep into the epidermis, activating melanin production. When melanin gets produced in the right quantity, it can improve local circulation and help skin look younger.

3. Dermabrasion


Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that resurfaces the skin on the face. It removes your outer skin layer and creates remarkably smooth, fresh skin. Dermabrasion can help with everything from acne scars to minor wrinkles.



A more intense form of dermabrasion, Aquadermabrasion, uses a combination of skin exfoliation, extraction, and application of ice to remove the dead skin cells on your face. Your skin is then treated with different serums, creams, and moisturizers.

4. Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are another minimally-invasive way to smooth skin and reduce acne scars and wrinkles. The procedure involves applying chemicals that cause your skin to peel, revealing the smoother and fresher new skin underneath. It’s safe, effective, and long-lasting. The benefits can last for up to three months or more when done right. You should talk to your doctor before getting a chemical peel because they can cause scarring if they aren’t performed correctly.

Types of Chemical Peels


There are three types of chemical peels.

  • Jessner Peel: This type of peeling is for mature skin with severe acne scars and wrinkles. What makes it work are the chemicals that penetrate deep into the skin layers to make your skin more elastic and smoother.
  • TCA Peel: This peel is less aggressive than the Jessner peel. You can use it on the face, chest, and neck to lighten skin, reduce pore size, and remove acne scars.
  • Radiance Peel: You can use it when the skin has fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. They apply the formula in an upward motion to smooth out the surface of your face and reduce fine lines.

5. Facial Waxing


Facial waxing is the process of removing hair from the face. The wax can either be hot or cold. You can use it to remove hairs from eyebrows, upper lip and chin, sideburns, and pubic hair. You can also use it for a more general purpose on any other area of skin not listed here. Before having facial waxing done, you should make sure that you find a provider who specializes in this treatment. Blush Beauty Center has an expert team that can take care of your waxing needs.


6. Lash and Brow Tinting


Lash and brow tinting is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances your natural lashes and brows with mascara-like color. By using color on your lashes and brows, you can give them the appearance of being fuller and make your eyes stand out. They are particularly useful for women who want to wear little or no makeup.


Cosmetic procedures or treatments can be incredibly effective when performed by the best provider. They should never be something you do without researching, consulting with your providing, and asking questions. These cosmetic procedures will have many benefits to you and your appearance, so make sure that you are doing them for all of the right reasons. For more information, and a consultation contact Blush Beauty Center today.