8 things you should know before beginning scalp micropigmentation

Do you intend to fill your hairline with scalp micro pigmentation (SMP)? It might be time to try SMP if you’re sick of messy foams and short-term hair loss remedies that leave you feeling insecure. We will inform you in advance and provide you with all the required information before scheduling your initial consultation visit.

Considerations to make before getting SMP

1.   Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent hair loss treatment

It is regarded as a permanent hair loss treatment. There are no monthly maintenance appointments to keep or daily lotions to use.

2. How painful is scalp micropigmentation?

Most clients claim that SMP is not painful but can occasionally be uncomfortable. It hurts a lot less than a conventional tattoo. The pigment is applied with a very tiny, delicate needle. After the therapy is over, there is no lingering pain or discomfort. The average length of each session is two to four hours. When you need a break, our Blush Beauty artist will give you one.

3. A scalp tattoo is not a “tattoo”

The various terminologies used to describe scalp micro pigmentation can be confusing. It isn’t a legitimate tattoo, despite being referred to as a “scalp tattoo” or a “hairline tattoo” occasionally. SMP is categorized as a form of permanent cosmetics, and the pigment used in the procedure is cosmetic. The pigments employed by our professionals don’t include any additional colorants or additives, so they won’t fade with time, even though they might become lighter. Artists apply SMP pigment without the use of a conventional tattoo machine. Instead, they make use of a device made especially for scalp micropigmentation. The needle is significantly smaller than a conventional tattoo needle and only uses one microdot of pigment to apply the tattoo at the proper depth.

4. This method is completely effective

Scalp micropigmentation, in contrast to other hair loss treatments, is universally successful and works for everyone. This is a tremendous relief because only 5–10% of people who use topical treatments or pills/foams daily have success. Anyone dealing with hair loss can use this cosmetic procedure to give themselves the appearance of a short buzz cut.

5. You can choose your hairline

It’s common to worry about your appearance once your SMP treatments are over.To better understand what to expect, look at our scalp micropigmentation before and after pictures. Your doctor will review your hairline options during a consultation, and even computer simulations of your appearance in various styles are possible with him. You can decide to replicate your naturally unattractive hairline or pick a straighter, more contemporary look. You and your artist can discuss modifications and issues during the initial session, and you can modify the style as you go. The final hairline should take shape after the second or third session.

6. Before your session, avoid alcohol and blood thinners

Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like aspirin, are categorized as blood thinners and alcohol. Additionally, your technician might advise against consuming coffee, tea, or energy drinks before your session because these substances can potentially thin the blood.

7. You can increase your hair growth

The goal of scalp micropigmentation is to mimic the appearance of a cleanly shaven head. Regular shaving of your natural hair is necessary to maintain the style. But if for some reason, you’d instead let your natural hair grow out once again, you can. SMP has no impact at all on hair growth. To give the appearance of more hair when none exists, pigment is applied around—not inside—the hair follicles already there.

8.Scalp micropigmentation is inexpensive

Depending on the procedure, the total cost of scalp micro pigmentation typically starts at $2.8k. It is affordable compared to the price of hair replacement surgery or a lifetime of wigs, lotions, and foams.

 Is SMP worth it?

Yes, “it is definitely worth the effort”, is the common response. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of expensive, messy procedures or invasive surgery, scalp micro pigmentation may be the solution you’ve been looking for. You’ll be in the lead if you contact our professionals at Blush Beauty Center right now for your complimentary consultation.

Getting a facial wax for the first time? Here is all you need to know

Facial hair makes many people feel insecure. You can get rid of it easily by waxing. Facial waxing is very popular and helps you to get silky smooth skin. Although many people try facial waxing at home, you should avoid this practice if you are a first-timer. Instead, you should seek professional help. Blushing Beauty Salon is one of the best places you can visit in Florida for a facial wax. It prioritizes a safe and sanitary practice and all procedures are conducted by professional estheticians.

What does a full facial wax include at Blushing Beauty Salon?

As the name suggests, facial waxing is waxing your face. If you have hair anywhere on your face, it can be removed during facial waxing. However, a full facial wax involves waxing hair safely from the following areas:


Eyebrows are most commonly waxed during facial waxing. Waxing them timely helps to maintain the perfect shape and prevent them from becoming thick and untamed. However, there is no fixed rule about how often you should wax your eyebrows. It strictly depends on their thickness. Most people prefer waxing their eyebrows once a month to ensure they do not appear unruly.


Due to genetics or hormonal imbalances, hair can grow on the upper lip. Although it is completely normal, it makes many women feel insecure. You should never allow something so frivolous to affect your confidence. The problem can easily be taken care of by removing the hair. Always opt for waxing over shaving to get rid of it. Over time, your upper lip hair growth will reduce and your upper lip will start appearing lighter.


Just like hair growth is normal on the upper lip, it is normal on the chin as well. It occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. Getting rid of this unwanted hair growth on the chin is easy with waxing. Although hair plucking can help you to get rid of it, there are chances of missing a few. As a result, you might have to visit the salon for hair plucking frequently. Waxing is a more efficient and effective procedure.


If you have never waxed your nose, it may seem like a traumatizing experience. However, it is not as painful as it seems. Professionals at Blushing Beauty Salon are trained to safely perform the procedure so that you do not feel pain. Also, there are no health risks associated with it.

Mistakes you should avoid after facial waxing

Facial waxing is a very simple process and does not cause pain. However, there are a few post-waxing restrictions that you must keep in mind to ensure your skin does not feel irritated. Here are they:

Avoid exposing your skin to heat

Waxing irritates your skin. Exposing your waxed skin to heat can further affect it. Your skin will turn red and small bumps may appear. From a warm shower to going out in the sun, everything that can expose your skin to heat should be avoided. However, this restriction is only for a day and you can get back to your regular lifestyle the next day.

Avoid swimming pools

Just like the heat is bad for your skin after waxing, chlorinated water can affect your waxed skin as well. Going for a swim can irritate your skin. Hence, you should avoid swimming pools for 24 hours after getting waxed.

Never apply face scrub after waxing

You should never apply a face scrub after waxing. Irrespective of how mild or gentle the face scrub is, applying it can cause irritation. Avoid face scrub for 3 to 4 days at least. However, make sure that you clean your face with water properly.

Skin care tips post waxing

Apply sunscreen to your face

As mentioned earlier, you must not expose your waxed skin to heat. However, it may be difficult to avoid going out in the sun completely. This is why applying sunscreen on the face is important. When your skin is left sensitive after waxing, just apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage. Consider always carrying one with you for a few days after facial waxing. In case you are not carrying one to the salon while getting your face waxed, the professionals will apply some on your face.

Soothe your skin with aloe vera gel

If you notice redness or small bumps on your skin, you should consider applying aloe vera gto your face. It will heal your skin faster and provide relief from any burning sensation. There are plenty of aloe vera gel products available in the market that you can buy. However, freshly sliced aloe vera leaf will do the trick as well.

Apply ice to your face

Applying ice cubes to your face can help to reduce redness as well. Also, it will help to close the pores. You can consider taking a cool shower to reduce redness as well. However, it should not feel very cold.

Get rid of redness with cooled tea bags

It may sound strange but applying cooled used tea bags to your eyebrows and upper lip can reduce redness. Just keep them in the freezer for 10 minutes before applying them and gently dab them on the affected areas. Continue it for 15 minutes and all the redness will disappear.

Can you wax your face at home?

A lot of people wax their faces at home. There are many DIY techniques available on the internet that you can try as well. However, you will have to be careful as all of them might not be effective. Also, you might encounter a lot of difficulties when waxing your face for the first time. For instance, you might end up creating a mess while preparing everything. Further, there are chances of mishaps. The risk of burning your face is one is the wax is too hot. You might accidentally end up removing more hair than you wanted leaving one eyebrow thinner than the other. To avoid these or any risks, it is always better to visit reputed salons like Blushing Beauty Salon.

Exfoliation treatment – should you opt for this treatment?

Exfoliation treatment – Have you been wondering why you’ve frequently been dealing with breakouts? You’ve probably applied so many ointments as well as taken medications to help treat them internally and externally, but they keeps reoccurring. 

The skin naturally repairs itself daily by allowing the old skin cells to die and fall off. You won’t notice this because, during simple actions like taking a shower or drying your face with a towel, the dead skin cells fall off. The skin replaces these dead cells with new ones that create clearer and healthier skin, and this cycle repeats iteself month-after-month.

However, these dead skin cells may stay on your face, along with sweat, skin oil, and dust that may have settled throughout the day.   They will clog your pores and cause acne. Clogged skin pores also cause dry skin patches, dull skin appearance, and itching. However, you can clean up your skin cells by a simple process called Exfoliation treatment.

What is Exfoliation treatment?

Exfoliation treatment removes dead skin cells from the epidermis (outermost layer of your skin). Compared to the natural skin process of skin cell renewal, exfoliation treatments are faster and promote skin circulation and clear, healthy skin. 

Taking a bath can be beneficial in helping your skin.  The water water and hot steam can help open your pores.  The use of face scrubs and natural sponges can help to remove the dead skin cells from the face manually.  If you are diligent in your skin care regime, you could do these routines on your own. 

There are also ways to speed the exfoliation of dead skin cells with professional help. These include both mechanical and chemical processes all proven to help all skin types promote clearer and smoother skin.


If you are interested in correcting your skin’s imperfections such as wrinkles, rough skin texture, color, scars, and fine lines, you should choose this route.

Dermabrasion is a mildly invasive skin therapy that takes only a few minutes with very little if any recovery time. With Microdermabrasion, your face is power-sprayed with little aluminous oxide crystals to treat scars, smooth the skin, and renew the outer layer of the skin.

With Aqua Dermabrasion, you use high-pressure water to effectively remove dead skin cells to replace them with the new skin tissue beneath them. Using the diamond tip exfoliation tool, you could revitalize your sun-damaged skin, restore a youthful appearance, reduce acne and scars from past injuries or skin problems from smallpox or other illnesses as well as extract blackheads, whiteheads, and promote an overall healthy skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are one of the most effective facial treatments that help improve skin texture and lighten hyperpigmentation.  It reduces the outbreak of acne, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. 

The procedure results are long-lasting depending on the strength of the chemical peel. Light or superficial peels penetrate the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). Medium peels are more effective in reaching the middle and the epidermis, and deep peels penetrate even further to address more serious imperfections. Different chemical exfoliation peels; include Jessner peel, TCA peel, radiance peel, diamond, and phenol peels.

Jessner Peel: With Jessner Peel, you can improve your skin’s physical appearance by reducing dark spots, fine lines, acne, age spots, skin roughness, sun damage, and acne scars.

Jessner is a light/superficial peel that helps shed the outermost layer of the skin to enable to bring forth smoother and healthier skin.

TCA Peel: With TCA peel, you will treat skin discoloration, acne, wrinkles, and acne scars. It is a medium-strength peel that can be done on the face, back, neck, arm, or chest. The procedure takes about 30 minutes; you may see your results immediately or in 3 to 4 days.

Radiance Peel: With Radiance peel, a light/superficial peel, you get even and radiant skin. The procedure has an anti-aging effect reducing wrinkles, age spots, and melasma.

Diamond Peel: With diamond peel, you will remove dead skin cells, excessive oil, and dirt from accumulated dust and sweat on the skin. The diamond tip pen used to suction off the dead skin cells helps introduce new skin reducing imperfections of acne scars, wrinkles, deep holes, breakouts, sun-damaged skin, and whiteheads.

Phenol Peel: The most aggressive and effective type of skin peel is the phenol peel. It is so potent that you need only one exfoliation treatment to achieve impressive results that will last for years.

Is it worth getting an exfoliation treatment?

Our skin exfoliates on its own, but sometimes it needs assistance. Acne-prone skins, sun-damaged skins, skin with uneven tones, and people with all kinds of skins will benefit massively from this cosmetic procedureExfoliation treatments are affordable, and the results are spontaneous.  You may notice some changes immediately after the procedure or three or four days after.

After the procedure, you may have an initial redness that will fade over time, and your skin will start to feel tight, indicating that the dead skin is about to peel. Within three to four days, the affected area will shed the skin. You will notice your skin peeling on its own, which is a normal response to the procedure. Ensure not to assist in this peeling process as you may harm the healing process.

During shedding, wear sunscreen and hats to protect your skin from sun damage. Wash your face daily by gently massaging your face so as not to assist the peeling. 

Once the peeling process is over, you will see your new smooth, brighter, healthier, and youthful skin. 

You may choose to have more than one treatment, but it is advised to space the procedures, so you don’t have skin complications.

If you are interested in rejuvenating your skin with little or no downtime, exfoliation treatments are just what you need.  Contact the skin experts at Blush Beauty Center at (727) 343-5772 to set up an appointment for you exfoliation treatments.

What to expect when it’s time to come for Permanent Makeup treatment?

The Ultimate Guide To Permanent Cosmetics

When you come for treatment with us for Permanent Makeup, here’s what you can expect…

The first appointment will last about 2 hours, but this will be followed by some time for paperwork, such as completing all relevant documents. Shortly thereafter, together we`ll look at the color choices we have, and then you can decide what colors we should use for your treatment. This happens while we test this out on your skin, and works best on your skin tone and your liking. 

Many components of the appointment can be tailored to your desires and needs; request clarifications on anything you don’t understand. Next, we will draw on a design so we can decide on you the shape and its placement, this will give you a fair idea so you can approve on how it will actually look on you.

It Can Help You Be Less Self-Conscious

Permanent makeup can fix cosmetic flaws. Aside from eyebrow microblading and micro shading (which is a great option for everyone who simply can’t have the desired eyebrows or has gone through chemotherapy), there is the option of lip makeup to correct issues with lips, like scarring or cleft lips.

Permanent makeup will help you feel comfortable and confident when accepting the features on your body that you’ve been self-conscious about. This is proof that permanent makeup’s there to do more than just make you pretty.

The process:

We use an interactive design to come up with a plan and ask you for your approval every step of the way. If you want to improve the shape of your eyebrows, we can form the specific shape in order to assure you that the adjustments will be what you’re expecting. We also never shave off natural hair while working on the brows, lip liner designs are drawn on your approved design, and tattooing is performed after any design change is agreed upon.

If it’s an eyeliner you’re having we draw on the top, and the bottom, or both for you to see and approve before we go ahead, and for lips, we can create, for example, a more defined cupid’s bow or a slightly fuller shape. You approve all designs before they are tattooed.  We then carry out your treatment.

With us, appointments are never done back-to-back to ensure quality. Your treatments are not rushed in any way, and we respect your face by taking time and going through aftercare thoroughly. You won’t look bruised, swollen, or have redness in any part of your face after treatment; instead, you will look GORGEOUS! No need to worry about bruising or swelling that may affect dressing up for a day out is necessary. Just avoid workouts or strenuous exercises right after.

Depending on your age and health the appointments are carried out usually in 2 sessions set 4-6 weeks apart. You will have two appointments for your tattoo, 4-6 weeks apart. During the first session, it is important to be careful with applying a light color so you can see how your body responds. There are two sessions included in the price because the first appointment lays down the foundation while the second perfect what has already been applied after seeing how your body reacts.

Our Esthetician in total will spend about 4-6 hours and that will be mostly without the consultation. After treatment, you will require color boosts to maintain your eyebrows/eyeliner on a 12-24 month basis. Our prices are only available for new clients, and not for refreshing or topping up pre-existing permanent makeup treatments that we didn’t complete so call us to discuss if your first treatment was done by us.

Get in Touch for Permanent Makeup

The most important tip for a successful treatment is finding a licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist. A good artist can either make or break your overall look, so it’s important not to only think about saving money. Just because different salons and artists charge different prices, higher prices are often justified when it comes to something that will be permanent on your face. It’s important to research beforehand and check the artist’s before and after photographs to gauge their professional standards.

Semi-permanent or Permanent makeup offers many benefits such as boosting confidence. People who wear semi-permanent or Permanent makeup feel better about themselves and can be more content with their current appearance.

Permanent makeup can completely change your life. 

If you have any questions or reservations, please feel free to contact us. If you’re excited about starting the process, why not just schedule a consultation?

Call / Text Text (727) 343-5772 or request an appointment with us here.

Before Using Eyebrow Tinting, You Should Know All the Pros and Cons

You’re at the right place if you have sparse, nonexistent brows and have never tried or heard of eyebrow tinting. An eyebrow tint can spare you from wasting yet another morning with an eyebrow pencil trying to achieve some fuller-looking brows. A semi-permanent pigment called an eyebrow tint can deepen and define your brows for up to six weeks. Additionally, unlike other brow procedures, eyebrow tinting is temporary, painless, and reasonably priced, allowing you to experiment with various brow styles without committing to a permanent style.

What is meant by eyebrow tinting?

A semi-permanent pigment called an eyebrow tint can deepen and define your brow hairs, including those tiny, difficult-to-see hairs you might not even be aware of. It can remain for up to six weeks before fading. Your brow expert will blend the dye to match your coloring after you discuss the aesthetic you want to achieve with the tinted hue (which typically turns out to be either your original hair color or similar color or anywhere between a half- and full-shade darker.). Before the technician wipes it off and your brows are instantly bolder and fuller-looking, the dye only needs five to ten minutes to work.

How long does it take to tint eyebrows?

The complete session, including color customization, takes about 30 to 40 minutes, but only five to ten minutes are spent with the color on the brows and skin. The length of the procedure will be determined by how coarse your brow hairs are: Coarser brows require a little more time under the dye than finer brows do. If you’re using an at-home eyebrow kit, keep an eye on the time because Your hair will become darker the longer the color is left on.

What is the typical price for tinting eyebrows?

The price of an eyebrow tint depends solely on your salon and location, as with any other beauty procedure. In St. Petersburg, brow tints normally cost $30 to $40, though local differences may cause the price to vary. Remember that although the tint is a little more expensive, this is a treatment for the area around your eyes, so you’ll want to go somewhere reputable and well-known.

How is eyebrow tint applied?

Don’t worry if you have a “DIY nature” or don’t have access to a brow-tinting spa nearby; you have solutions. Enter: kits for tinting your own brows at home that include all the necessary tools, recipes, and step-by-step instructions. The main idea behind these kits is the same: a clear one-step gel or a professional-grade mixing system with powders and activators. They’ll give your brows a semi-permanent color that will last a few days to three weeks.

Most kits require you to apply the dye to your clean eyebrows and let it sit for between 20 minutes and several hours. However, the directions will vary from package to kit (so please reread them). After the dye has dried, you may either rinse it off or peel it off to reveal darker, fuller-looking eyebrows. It may sound simple, and in most cases, but remember that making your own tint has some possible drawbacks, including discomfort and imperfect results.

Does brow tinting cover brow hair gaps?

Eyebrow tinting won’t replace missing or sparse hairs; it will simply make your existing brow hairs look better. The color will stain your skin, making it appear fuller at first, but it will disappear within a few days, according to Sheikh. To assist fill in any gaps, you should “combine your eyebrow tint with other products, such as brow-styling wax,” if you want your brows to look thicker. Consider your options before getting micro blading and microshading.

What is the lifespan of eyebrow tinting?

Usually, eyebrow tinting lasts four to six weeks, during which time the pigment gradually wears out. You won’t likely know how long your brow tint will last unless you try one because everyone’s hair responds to dye and grows slightly differently. Follow your brow technician’s instructions to ensure that your tint lasts as long as possible.

For 12 hours after your visit, ensure your brows are dry. Since oils might degrade and fade the color before it is fully set, it is advised to “avoid any heavy oils and oil-based products for 24 hours following your visit.” Therefore, avoiding facial oils, serums, and makeup remover is recommended with an oil base. Should keep your color as long as you can.

Is it safe to tint eyebrows?

This is where eyebrow tinting becomes a little challenging: Despite the treatment’s extreme popularity, the FDA has not approved any eyebrow dye formulae because of a possible risk of “eye damage.” Although professional brow tinting is legally prohibited in California, this hasn’t stopped salons around the nation from performing this service.

Although it is widely available, you should still know your technician’s formula. Therefore, before scheduling an appointment for an eyebrow tint, don’t be afraid to ask your technician many questions about the dye they use; if anything about the formula sounds odd or dubious, you should rethink your appointment.

Last Remarks

A tint is unquestionably something to consider for your brows and budget. Suppose you’re seeking for a technique to “temporarily” enhance and darken your current brow hairs. In that case, you might want to consider applying eyebrow tint because a single brow pencil can cost the same as expert eyebrow tinting, especially if you spend a lot of time on your brows every day.

Eyebrow tinting may be the secret to having the most fabulous brows you’ve ever had, provided that the procedure is legal in your state. So Let’s make that appointment and see there! Check out Blush Beauty Center, we offer eyebrow tinting and lots of other services that will realize your dream of perfection with us without breaking your bank.

Cosmetic Anti-Aging Procedures

Cosmetic Anti-Aging Procedures

There is a continuous loss of subcutaneous fat as the human body ages, that results in wrinkle formation. Additionally, long-term exposure to the sun also causes fine lines and skin discoloration. Leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising to stay fit, regular hydration, and eating healthy can slow down aging. However, this does not significantly reduce the signs of aging.

The only way to stop aging is to stop time, and unfortunately, this is not possible. There is a way to slow it down however. Below we discuss some simple but highly effective cosmetic anti-aging procedures that can significantly reduce the effects of the aging process.

Chemical Peel

This skin resurfacing procedure uses acidic chemicals to peel off the superficial layer of the skin. It can minimize and spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.  It is not at all invasive but there is some down time while your skin is renewing. However the results are definitely worth it!  Chemical peels reveal new smoother and brighter skin. This cosmetic anti-aging procedure treatment has many potential benefits, including;

  • Reducing hyperpigmentation and skin damage
  • Removes blemishes, spots, and acne
  • Removes wrinkles and softens fine lines on the skin
  • Exfoliates the skin and makes it smoother and brighter

During your procedure your skin is cleansed, then the chemical exfoliant is placed on skin and it will sit for a designated amount of time.  Your provider will explain the whole process to you before you begin.  Once the peel has done it’s work, it is removed and the process of revealing your new beautiful skin really begins.  Your provider will give you after instructions that should be followed to get the most out of your peel.  

Some of our favorite Chemical Peels:

Jessner peel: Great for softening deep wrinkles reducing  wrinkles and sun damage. It can also diminish blemishes and breakouts  and lighten hyperpigmentation.

TCA Peel: TCA is a non toxic peel that will dry up the top layer of skin revealing a fresh new layer of skin beneath.   This new undamaged layer is smoother with a noticeably more improved tone and color.

Radiance Peel:  This is a deep exfoliation with enzyme acids that assist in improving dry skin, reducing oil, acne, and diminishing the appearance of large pores.

Diamond Glow: is a patented, non-invasive, 3-in-1 dermatological treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts, and infuses with condition specific serums.

Microdermabrasion or Dermabrasion

Microdermabrasion renews the overall skin texture and tone with minimal down time. This cosmetic anti-aging procedure improves how the skin appears and can help with the  skin-related conditions and problems, including aging, sun damage, melasma, acne, and fine lines and spots.

This minimally invasive procedure gently exfoliates  dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.  Once your skin is cleansed, your provider will use a diamond tip top start exfoliation process.  Aquadermabrasion, another form of dermabrasion,  utilizes high-pressured water on the outer layer. This will reveal a smoother, more even texture of the skin. It is perfect for those that want to exfoliate and also have sensitive skin. This procedure is gentle and very relaxing, with no discomfort felt.   We listed the benefits to dermabrasion below:


  •  minimal recovery time.
  • Cleans out pores
  • Significantly reduces superficial scars occurring as a result of injury and acne.
  • Exfoliates the skin making it smoother and brighter
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Minimizes blotchy skin color and reduces age spots


Even though we cannot stop time, there are many treatments you can do to slow down the effects of  aging on your skin.  At Blush Beauty Center, we offer all these treatments and more, allowing you to age  gracefully, maintaining your skin health and beauty. Call us today to discuss which option is best for you. We help clients achieve their desired look with these cosmetic anti-aging procedures. We pride ourselves in providing beauty and treatment services with the best quality that will automatically leave your skin rejuvenated, smooth, and brighter than before. Realize your dream skin with us at a customer-friendly price.